Life Of Our Seeds

Quality Control

An important component of high quality seed is purity. We go to extensive lengths to ensure that our fields, machinery, and cleaning equipment are spotless. We begin by blowing down trucks, grain carts, combines, grain bins etc. and finish by vacuuming to guarantee there will be no contamination from one variety to the next. This happens between every variety of seed. It can be very time consuming but it’s a necessity to the process. Another way to make sure our final product is pure is the fact that we have third party crop inspectors inspect each field every summer. They walk the fields and take counts of any off types that may be in the crop. They need to ensure that the seed coming off the field will be clean of any contaminants.


Along with our experience we have education and knowledge behind us. Galloway Seeds Ltd. has a Certified Crop Advisor on staff, Dan Visser, who has the familiarity and understanding of how to grow successful crops. His knowledge is often called upon by customers who have questions about their own crops. Dan also has his Pesticide Applicators License. This helps improve the product we sell because we can treat seed as it leaves the yard. This treatment protects the seed to give it the best chance for early establishment in the customers’ field as well as our own.

With our experience, knowledge and education we are confident that every truck load of seed is of the highest quality. We take pride in what we do and with the help of our hardworking employees we supply farmers with high calibre seed so that they may have success in their own fields.