Our Process

Galloway Seeds Treated SeedIt’s important to us that we give our customers the best possible product. We strive to produce high quality seed so that our customers can achieve optimal results throughout their growing season. From seeding to harvest, from cleaning to selling, we are involved in every step of the process. We work hard to ensure our products exceed the standards for certified seed.

Variety Selection

The process begins by researching and scouting out new varieties that we feel have a good chance for success. Through our contacts as well as our own experience, we select varieties that will provide the best value for our customers. Variety selection typically occurs 2-3 years before a line will be released as certified seed so some forward thinking and planning is required. When selecting a variety to multiply we consider attributes such as lodging and disease resistance, relative maturity, end use desirability (including grade retention, protein etc) and of course, yield.