a. The blue tag you receive when you purchase certified seed provides assurance of quality that cannot be obtained using bin run seed. Seed growers go to great lengths to ensure that the seed you buy meets or exceeds rigorous standards for varietal purity, germination and freedom from impurities such as weed seeds and volunteer crops.

b. At Galloway Seeds we are involved in every step of the seed production process, including cleaning. Our quality control protocols mean only the best seed for our customers.

c. We offer treating directly from the bin onto your truck. We have invested in seed treating equipment to make sure your seed gets the right product at the right rate, applied properly.

To calculate your seeding rate you need three main things: target plant density, germination and thousand kernel weight (TKW). At Galloway Seeds we provide lab results with germination and TKW for all of the seed we sell. Ask us when you pick up your seed!

Target Plant Density – Target plant densities vary from region to region based on average moisture, length of growing season and relative productivity. Talk to your local agronomist to get the best result for your own farm. For reference we have provided some recommended target plant densities for the black soil area around Fort Saskatchewan

CropPlants per square footEstimated TKW (g)Estimated Seeding Rate (95% germ, 5% seedling mortality)
Hard Red Spring Wheat30-3537118-138 lbs per acre
CPS Red Spring Wheat30-3545144-167 lbs per acre
Barley23-2848117-143 lbs per acre
Oats23-2845110-134 lbs per acre
Peas6-7250160-186 lbs per acre
Faba Bean5450239 lbs per acre

Check out https://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/app19/loadSeedRateCalc or https://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/app19/calc/crop/otherseedcalculator.jsp calculate your own seeding rate.

Emerging seedlings are susceptible to a variety of pathogens early in the season. Environmental conditions that delay emergence and slow early season growth give these pathogens the opportunity to overwhelm the plants and do damage to your yield potential, sometimes before your crop has even emerged. Seed treatments, used in tandem with certified seed, provide the best protection against these pathogens and allow your crop to outgrow this susceptible stage.

Give us a call to discuss your options! We will ask you about your business and try to tailor a variety or crop type that suits your area/farm. The Alberta Seed guide also has agronomic and yield data for a wide range of varieties. Check it out and see how they compare! www.seed.ab.ca