CDC Inca

Higher yield than CDC Amarillo and CDC Saffron Very strong standability Medium seed size

CDC Greenwater

Higher yield than CDC Limerick Medium-Large seed size Good lodging and disease resistance


Zero Tannin Variety (suitable for both feed and export) Larger seed size than Snowdrop but smaller than many tannin varieties (450-550g TKW) Medium maturity (roughly 100 days) Excellent resistance to lodging Higher yield than Snowdrop

AAC Hodge VB (NEW 2023)

Awned wheat, highest yielding CWRS currently registered Good standability and very strong disease resistance package Wheat midge tolerant, refuge is AAC Hockley Good standability, a day earlier maturity than the checks

AAC Viewfield

Short, strong straw. Superior standability Strong disease resistance package High yield potential Potential replacement for Muchmore


L234PC pod shatter reduction, clubroot resistant, early maturing L241C clubroot resistant, higher yield than L135C L255PC pod shatter reduction, clubroot resistant, very strong standability L340PC pod shatter reduction, clubroot resistant, high yielding, mid-maturing, strong standability L345PC pod shatter reduction, clubroot resistant, strong standability. mid-maturing B3010M NEW  

Canterra RR

CS 2000 RR clubroot resistant, moderate resistance to 5x strain, top yielding variety CS 2600 CR-T NEW clubroot resistant variety with Tru-Flex technology, suitable for straight cutting

Dekalb RR

75-42 CR Multi-genic Blackleg resistance, early maturity, strong yield, clubroot resistant DKTF 98 CR Early maturing, TruFlex technology, clubroot resistance, R-rating for blackleg, easy to harvest, enhanced weed control

CDC Amarillo

Medium sized yellow pea, slightly smaller than CDC Saffron Improved lodging resistance Excellent yield