Ergot Resistance KWS Pollen Plus Characteristics High Yield Short Straw, Great Standability Best in Grain Quality Low Ergot, High Falling Number, High Digestibility

CS Accelerate

Very High Yield Potential Excellent Standability Early Maturity Short, Strong straw – Well Suited for High Inputs and Irrigation Excellent All-Around Rust Resistance

AAC Hockley (NEW 2023)

Awned Wheat, short strong straw Excellent Yield Potential Very strong disease resistance package Good protein and grade retention Easy threshing

NSC Starcity RR2X

000.8 Relative Maturity, Very Early Variety Xtend Variety, Dicamba and Glyphosate Resistant Good Yield

Northstar Genetics

NSC Leroy – 000.6 Relative Maturity, Earliest Available Genetics NSC Watson – 000.8 Relative Maturity, Good Combination of Yield and Early Maturity, Excellent Standing Variety

KWS Bono

Highest Yielding Hybrid Rye with 30+% Higher Yield than Conventional Rye Improved Quality for Milling

KWS Gatano

20-25% Higher Yield than Conventional Rye Better Quality than Conventional Rye KWS PollenPlus® gene for Lower Ergot Levels than other Hybrids or Conventional Varieties

Pride Seeds

PS 00095 R2 — 000.9 relative maturity, good yield and maturity combination PS 00078 XRN — 000.7 relative maturity, new early maturing Xtend variety