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  • Ergot Resistance
  • KWS Pollen Plus Characteristics
  • High Yield
  • Short Straw, Great Standability
  • Best in Grain Quality
  • Low Ergot, High Falling Number, High Digestibility
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Test Seed

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AAC Russell VB

  • Short, Strong Straw
  • High Yield
  • Midge Tolerant
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CS Accelerate

  • Very High Yield Potential
  • Excellent Standability
  • Early Maturity
  • Short, Strong straw – Well Suited for High Inputs and Irrigation
  • Excellent All-Around Rust Resistance
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AAC Hockley (NEW 2023)

  • Awned Wheat, short strong straw
  • Excellent Yield Potential
  • Very strong disease resistance package
  • Good protein and grade retention
  • Easy threshing
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NSC Starcity RR2X

  • 000.8 Relative Maturity, Very Early Variety
  • Xtend Variety, Dicamba and Glyphosate Resistant
  • Good Yield
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Northstar Genetics

  • NSC Leroy – 000.6 Relative Maturity, Earliest Available Genetics
  • NSC Watson – 000.8 Relative Maturity, Good Combination of Yield and Early Maturity, Excellent Standing Variety
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KWS Bono

  • Highest Yielding Hybrid Rye with 30+% Higher Yield than Conventional Rye
  • Improved Quality for Milling
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KWS Gatano

  • 20-25% Higher Yield than Conventional Rye
  • Better Quality than Conventional Rye
  • KWS PollenPlus® gene for Lower Ergot Levels than other Hybrids or Conventional Varieties
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Pride Seeds

  • PS 00095 R2 — 000.9 relative maturity, good yield and maturity combination
  • PS 00078 XRN — 000.7 relative maturity, new early maturing Xtend variety
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CDC Inca

  • Higher yield than CDC Amarillo and CDC Saffron
  • Very strong standability
  • Medium seed size

CDC Greenwater

  • Higher yield than CDC Limerick
  • Medium-Large seed size
  • Good lodging and disease resistance


Zero Tannin Variety

(suitable for both feed and export)

  • Larger seed size than Snowdrop but smaller than many tannin varieties (450-550g TKW)
  • Medium maturity (roughly 100 days)
  • Excellent resistance to lodging
  • Higher yield than Snowdrop
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AAC Hodge VB (NEW 2023)

  • Awned wheat, highest yielding CWRS currently registered
  • Good standability and very strong disease resistance package
  • Wheat midge tolerant, refuge is AAC Hockley
  • Good standability, a day earlier maturity than the checks
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AAC Viewfield

  • Short, strong straw. Superior standability
  • Strong disease resistance package
  • High yield potential
  • Potential replacement for Muchmore
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  • L234PC pod shatter reduction, clubroot resistant, early maturing
  • L241C clubroot resistant, higher yield than L135C
  • L255PC pod shatter reduction, clubroot resistant, very strong standability
  • L340PC pod shatter reduction, clubroot resistant, high yielding, mid-maturing, strong standability
  • L345PC pod shatter reduction, clubroot resistant, strong standability. mid-maturing
  • B3010M NEW


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Canterra RR

  • CS 2000 RR clubroot resistant, moderate resistance to 5x strain, top yielding variety
  • CS 2600 CR-T NEW clubroot resistant variety with Tru-Flex technology, suitable for straight cutting
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Nexera (Specialty Oil)

  • 1028 RR Improved yield and disease resistance
  • B1030N NEW
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Dekalb RR

  • 75-42 CR Multi-genic Blackleg resistance, early maturity, strong yield, clubroot resistant
  • DKTF 98 CR Early maturing, TruFlex technology, clubroot resistance, R-rating for blackleg, easy to harvest, enhanced weed control
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CDC Amarillo

  • Medium sized yellow pea, slightly smaller than CDC Saffron
  • Improved lodging resistance
  • Excellent yield

AC Morgan

  • Strong yield numbers
  • Good height and standability
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  • Very Short, strong straw (14 cm shorter than CDC Austenson)
  • High yield potential, 5-10% higher yield than CDC Austenson
  • Plump kernels
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AAC Synergy

  • Strong, stable demand from maltsters
  • Excellent Yield Potential (110% of CDC Copeland)
  • Good agronomic characteristics
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CDC Forest

  • High yielding
  • Good lodging tolerance
  • Improved mycosphaerella blight resistance
  • Powdery mildew resistance
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AAC Chrome

  • Rated ‘Good’ for seed coat breakage
  • Easy to harvest
  • Resistant to powdery mildew
  • Semi-leafless
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AAC Penhold

  • Excellent disease package
  • Strong straw
  • Higher protein and quality than Foremost
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AAC Redstar (NEW 2023)

  • Very early (3 days earlier than checks)
  • Good grade retention, MR to FHB
  • Improved Lodging resistance and yield vs Parata
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Harvest Wheat

  • Consistently high yield
  • Good lodging resistance
  • Excellent grade retention
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AAC Wildfire

  • Short strong straw
  • Good winter survival
  • Excellent lodging resistance


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AAC Brandon

  • Awned semi dwarf
  • High yield potential, suited to intensive management
  • Improved disease resistance, including MR to FHB
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AAC Wheatland VB

  • Semi dwarf CWRS
  • Excellent grain yield
  • High protein and excellent straw strength
  • Wheat Midge tolerant
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